Sinnloses und noch Sinloserererereres aus dem Leben einer Studentin


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Sinnloses und noch Sinloserererereres aus dem Leben einer Studentin

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"I never know what will stir up a sudden onset of homesickness. Sometimes a song, sometimes a camping trip, sometimes little note in conversation of which no one else understands the import. Sometimes it comes out of nowhere, and always without warning. It ambushes me, grabs me with the all-comsuming thought, like a gentle stranglehold on my soul. I feel as if I want to cry and laugh all at once, yet can do neither. So I stand in silence, motionless, for all the world looking like every other normal human being, yet paralyzed inside. In a few minutes I regain control of my mental faculties, but the emotion lingers. Hours, sometimes days may pass before I am back to "normal" - though no one else is aware of my internal earthquake. They think I'm just a "normal" Person, like anyone else. "


Ich mag diese...
Musiker: massive attack
gotan project
cute is what we aim for
placebo - just to name a few
Lieder: \"Whatever Lola wants
Lola gets (Gotan Project Remix)\"
\"A rainy day in vancouver\"
Schauspieler: Ralph Fiennes
Noah Wyle
Bücher: The Constant Gardener
Orte: Runda - Nairobi
the place I used to call home

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